The mission of Quantum Spot Academy is to provide the inspiration, resources, and environment for students to develop an interest in physics and explore it for fun.

We believe that physics is not just a collection of handy equations. As well as being a useful tool and a foundation for technology, physics is also a way of thought. Studying physics sharpens one’s understanding and builds a methodology of analytical and abstract thinking that can be used to solve diverse problems. Physics is more than a set of useful models; it is the ultimate effort of humankind to understand our myriad observations. And besides, it’s captivating and fun!


Quantum Spot Academy has benefited from the support of many individuals and organizations. Many thanks to all of our supporters for their feedback and encouragement. We would especially like to thank the following:

Rainer Romatka, Ph.D. Max Planck Institut für Physik und Astrophysik, Munich

Marilyn Romatka, B.S. Michigan State University

Warren Buck, Ph.D College of William and Mary

Breanna Binder, Ph.D. University of Washington

Daniel Kleppner, Ph.D. Harvard University

Sean Robinson, Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Peter Fisher, Ph.D. California Institute of Technology

Don Lincoln, Ph.D. Rice University

Sean Carroll, Ph.D. Harvard University

Jessica Mingo, Davidson Institute for Talent Development

Nuntiya Smith, Davidson Institute for Talent Development